Full Screen and tsclient

When using tsclient, a remote desktop/terminal services/vnc client, if you connect in full screen mode to a server it can be difficult to disconnect or switch to another application because there is no ‘control bar’ at the top.

To toggle full screen mode, use the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Enter.

76 thoughts on “Full Screen and tsclient”

  1. After 3 years this tip still rocks.

    Tanks a lot!!!! I was tired of using Alt-Shift-F1 and the ps aux , the kill.
    I pride meself on being a Linux/Unix pro, your tip just goes to show how much I still need to learn.

  2. Many thanks to Kimmo (from 2 years ago!)

    Ctl-Shift-Alt-Enter works for me on Ubuntu 10.04 with Terminal Server Client to toggle between full-screen and windowed session

  3. Hmm, when I did this, it exited fullscreen on tsclient, but then I found myself at the login screen of Ubuntu and when I logged in, it acted as if I was starting a new session, as in, none of my windows were still open. The only thing I can think of that happened was that I pressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE while looking at Windows in the remote desktop. When I did that in Windows, it brought up the expected dialog, thus I thought it was intercepted by Windows and not interpreted by Ubuntu, but perhaps the keys were recognized by both Windows and Ubuntu?

    Also, note that I had to use the Enter key near the shift button. The enter key on my number pad didn’t work.

  4. Thank you! Very useful tip!
    Going further… anybody knows how to switch from remote desktop to another “local” desktop (under gnome 2.32 – compiz enabled), without exiting full screen mode? Trying with ctrl-alt-arrows just gives me the same full screen of the remote server.
    Thanks again! 🙂

  5. Having Numlock on prevents ctrl alt enter from working
    check with xev
    its a different keypress with numlock (well it is on my laptop)

  6. On Puppy 5.4.1 with TightVNC viewer connected to TightVNC server on Windows XP, ctrl-alt-F1 to bring up the console, Ctrl-C to kill the X window and xwin to restart X windows. You will lose any thing you were working on but at least you get control back.

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