WebTester Update

As posted previously, I have been working on porting my WebTester program from ASP to PHP. New features include:

  • Ability to randomize questions
  • Integrated HTML Editor (no more manual coding)
  • ‘Enter’ key selects Next instead of Previous
  • Ported from ASP to PHP (so it can be hosted on a Mac/Linux/Windows box, instead of limited to Windows/IIS)
  • Generates math equations on the fly, by converting LaTeX math code into a graphic, such as:
  • General UI enhancements

To give it a spin, try out the test server. Here are the addresses:

Take a test: http://webtester.epplersoft.com
Administration: http://webtester.epplersoft.com/admin

The username/password combination to use is: demo/demo

This is not the final, so bugs may exist that have already been fixed. To generate math while creating a test, use the following format:

[tex]a^2 + b^2 = c^2[/tex]

The above will generate this image:

To create your own equations, you can try out a program called MathType by Design Science. I will also list other LaTeX generating programs as I find them.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.