Remove a printer or update a printer in Mac OS X Server Profile Manager

If you modify a printer in Mac OS X Server’s Profile Manager, the changes don’t always get updated in my experience. To get the updates, you need to remove the row in the database that references the old printer.

In Terminal, load psql and select the correct database:

sudo psql -U _devicemgr -d devicemgr_v2m0 -h /Library/Server/ProfileManager/Config/var/PostgreSQL

Find printers with the ‘select’ SQL command:

SELECT * FROM printers;

This will select all printers. You can also use SQL’s ‘WHERE’ clause to filter the results down even more.

To remove the offending entry, use the DELETE command:

DELETE FROM printers where id=[the 'id' column obtained from the previous list]

As soon as I did this, the new printer populated in Profile Manager.

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