First R/C Plane Video

Here is a video of my first R/C flights. On my first landing I almost hit the cameraman, but all was good – only bent the landing gear a tiny bit which was easily bent back. The video turned out pretty good, and all was created/rendered using iLife ’06 on Mac OS X 10.4.3 (running on an AMD CPU…hmm…)

You can view the video here.

Solution to the iTunes -208 Error Problem

If iTunes 6 is getting the -208 error, this article at Apple may help you get it fixed.

Remember when typing commands in Terminal – everything is pretty much cAsE sEnSiTiVe.

Apple – Discussions – Solution to the iTunes -208 Error Problem

This link is now broken (apparently the discussion thread got closed).

Now you can just download the iTunes 6 installer from Apple’s site. iTunes 6.0.1 fixed this issue.

How I got my back…

For a few weeks now, I have been unable to access through my work’s internet connection. I have been unable to determine where the problem lies, so I decided to access it via an SSH tunnel. Here is the command I used:

sudo ssh -l *_username_* -L:*_localport_*:*_remotehost_*:*_remoteport_* *_tunnelhost_*

With all the blanks filled in, here is my final command:

sudo ssh -l seppler

Then, I modifyed my /etc/hosts file to and added the following line:

Now, I can access from work and home via my SSH tunnel.

…And that’s how I got my digg back.