Resource Temporarily Unavailable with cPanel and TeamSpeak

One of my friends, Jeremy Bergen, is running a TeamSpeak server on one of my servers, and was running into a resource temporarily unavailable while ssh’d into the box. The TeamSpeak server was also randomly shutting down, and this may have been caused by the same error. TeamSpeak uses around between 10-16 processes itself, so after a logging in a few times or doing other things, this default limit of 20 it reached.

To fix this, first I turned off cPanel’s built in ‘Prevent Shell Fork Bomb Protection’. Then, I edited the /etc/security/limits.conf. I still wanted users to be limited to 20 processes, except for the TeamSpeak user which I wanted to have 40, and root which I wanted unlimited. Here are the lines that I had:

*             soft     nproc     20
jeremy        soft     nproc     40
root          soft     nproc     unlimited

Of course, you can customize the file however you like. The key is turning off cPanel’s internal protection so your box will use this file. Also, I happen to use CentOS 4.3.

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