QuickTime Streaming returns 400 Bad Request

When you are trying to view a QuickTime movies from a streaming server, sometimes you will get back a 400 Bad Request error.  At my network at work, we intercept all port 80 traffic and forward to our squid proxy server, which is why we get this error.  In order to fix this, just open up System Preferences, open the QuickTime pane, click the Advanced tab, and choose Custom… under the Transport Setup dropdown.  Choose HTTP as your protocol, and type in 7070 where is says Other.  Since making this modifications, we can view the QuickTime streams with no problems.

12 thoughts on “QuickTime Streaming returns 400 Bad Request”

  1. Thank you so much I recently installed Squid and I had no ideas why streaming doesn’t work anymore, and this has saved my day!! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks! As others have said, worked like a charm.
    Sure wish I had found this before I spent 2 hours trying to bypass with custom iptables rules.

  3. Thanks I was on the phone with helpdesk for 4 hours yesterday and no one could help me but this seemed to work.

  4. Figured out how to do this on Mac Quicktime X:

    1) Open Terminal.
    2) Make sure Quicktime is closed.
    3) Type: “qtdefaults write TransportSettings HTTP 7070” (Without Quotes)
    4) Hit Enter.


  5. Thank you so much for this help! I was getting that bad 400 thing from trying to upload college algebra videos for my class’s lecture. This helps a bunch!!!

  6. I dont know if I am just not getting it right but my computer is a Windows XP and everytime I try to open the webcam to see it says Bad request.
    I am starting to lose it.
    I have tried changing the default but it keeps on going back to the use my current media player.
    Please someone help me!

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