First R/C Plane Video

Here is a video of my first R/C flights. On my first landing I almost hit the cameraman, but all was good – only bent the landing gear a tiny bit which was easily bent back. The video turned out pretty good, and all was created/rendered using iLife ’06 on Mac OS X 10.4.3 (running on an AMD CPU…hmm…)

You can view the video here.


Recently I’ve been working on porting my WebTester project from ASP to PHP. While doing this I have also been adding new features and fixing bugs as I come across them. New items include:

  • Ability to randomize questions
  • Integrated HTML Editor (no more manual coding)
  • ‘Enter’ key selects Next instead of Previous
  • Ported from ASP to PHP (so it can be hosted on a Mac/Linux/Windows box, instead of limited to Windows/IIS)
  • Each admin user will only see tests created by that user (except for a super-admin)

It should be finished soon and will be used by Delta County Schools.

XP Won’t Run on current Intel-based Macs

The new Intel-based Macs will not run Windows XP, because current versions of Windows do not support the new EFI BIOS that the new Macs use.

x64 versions of Windows and Windows Vista do support EFI, unfortunately Vista won’t be out until the end of 2006 (maybe) and current Macs use 32-bit Intel processors, so they are unable to run the x64 version of Windows XP.

XP Won’t Run on Intel MacBook, iMac

Fixed the Z3

Matt & I were able to fix the Z3 today. The intake boots were a bit difficult to remove at first, but since they were not going to be used again we ended up cutting them out. Installation wasn’t too bad either.

After about 50 miles the performance went up a bit, then the ‘Service Engine Soon’ light went out. I think because of the excess air the car was running too lean and knocking a bit, which caused the computer to pull back some timing. Now the engine is much smoother, plus I don’t get a whistle when at partial throttle from the vacuum leak.

I did discover a new problem though – the thermostat most likely needs to be replaced. It is stuck in the open position which causes the car to run too cold. I’m looking to see if this is covered by a recall or not…

Real Estate made easy

Matthew and I just finished a site for a local customer. You can check it out at

At first, a real estate site seems kind of complex, but thanks to the folks over at Open-Realty, we were able to come up with a workable design and very functional site. There were a few bugs that we had to iron out, but after that the design went pretty smoothly.

Of course, this is all being hosted with my web hosting company.